As experienced commercial contractors, we often get asked for reno tips for specific industries. Here’s our top interior design tips for your real estate office renovation.

Working as a real estate agent means working in a highly competitive profession–and you need any advantage you can get. Most of the time, clients aren’t going to come to the office–and if they do, chances are, they aren’t going to spend much time there. Not only that, most real estate offices have some unique requirements that shape the way your office needs to be designed and arranged.

Competition brings many changes for commercial designs, including the way you choose to set up your office. As you’re designing your real estate office, make sure you think about who will be using it and how these elements can work to your advantage. Consider:

1. Your agents work primarily away from the office.

You may never have all of your agents in the office at the same time, based on their schedules and their needs. As a result, a flexible office design can offer a number of advantages to your real estate office, including plenty of working space for all of your employees and unique storage space for each agent, who can keep the materials they need easily accessible without having to worry that their supplies will be stolen or misplaced by someone else in the office.

2. You need plenty of room for meetings and shared space.

Your real estate agents need to be able to talk, share information, and ask for help when they need it. Many times, those conversations and meetings need to be held without disturbing others. You also need plenty of room to host staff-wide meetings when you need to share large quantities of information quickly. Make sure your real estate office has the right amount of meeting space–and carefully consider how you use it on a regular basis. Think about spaces to check in and recharge as well as more formal spaces. You need a kitchen, bathrooms, and a water cooler as well as a coffee maker: all the aspects that encourage collaboration and communication. 

3. Balance the need for collaboration and quiet.

In addition to collaborative spaces, you need quiet spaces where employees can easily focus and work on their individual tasks. Quiet spaces that include noise-canceling technology can make it easier for every member of the team to take care of the work they need to do on a daily basis. Don’t forget to include the tech-oriented details your employees need, like device-charging stations that will allow them to easily charge up and keep working–or charge up and be on their way again. 

Top Interior Design Tips for Your Real Estate Office RenovationTop tips to help achieve your goals

As experienced commercial contractors, we often get asked for reno tips for specific industries. We have experience designing real estate offices  here are the two most important things to remember.

1. Work with an registered interior designer.

An interior designer is the expert on the ebb and flow of space to improve employee productivity, ensure no dead space, and make sure that every employee has all the tools they need to work within the business. A good interior designer will help create a blend of private spaces and meeting spaces to make the most of every part of your real estate space. 

Interior designers also work hard to help you create an office that will help put people at ease. A complete design package from an interior designer will include design drawings with materials specs and colour choices for your new space.

2. Hire a turnkey commercial contractor. 

Some contractors, including Antham Construction, offer turnkey packages that include everything: interior design, construction, and project management, all in one easy package. We can also work with any designer you choose, so you can select a designer whose work you admire or that seems better able to fit your needs. 

Are you ready to start designing the real estate office that your employees and customers most need? Buy a top shelf design package from a real estate designer to help you start meeting your goals. Broker offices make more money when they open on schedule, with no delays and no excuses–and you can meet your goals thanks to our assistance. Contact us today to learn more.